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Have You Used Photoshop Templates?

As artists, we often want to create our own original work from start to finish. That certainly is a goal that we should all strive for in most cases, but there may be exceptions now and again. Suppose you have a concept, and you may not have the artistic drawing skill to bring your concept to life? There may may time limitations that although you could draw your concept, it may actually take you several days to bring it to life. There is another option, photoshop templates.  If you have ever used a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, you probably understand what a template may be.  It essentially is a pre-formatted element that one may insert other items into to create a final product. In word, this could be a business letter, a business card, or even a flyer.

Photoshop has pre-installed templates, that are fully licensed and Adobe allows you to use for your personal projects.  Quite a number of templates are available on the internet, and if one chooses to go this route please make sure that it is licensed for the purpose that you have in mind. The following video (Ok, it is a little wordy) Using a photoshop template  outlines the steps necessary to insert your image into a prepared template.


  • Make a COPY of the template before you start.
  • Open the template
  • Click on the small square in the corner of the template (it will often say insert image here)
  • A new window will open where you can then paste and size your image
  • Save the project 

Depending on the template, text may be included and the above video also reviews how to alter the text. One can often move the image around slightly even after the image has been saved within the template frame.  There are numerous Youtube videos that will explain how to create your OWN templates. This can be very valuable for future projects where one may have spent hours or days on artwork, and potentially may want to insert different views of a subject into the template.  This can be an incredible time saver!  As mentioned in steps above be sure to make a copy of the template before you import any image. Once saved, the template contains your imported image and can be time consuming to start over with the original template.


If you have not used templates before, give them a try!



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