TOO serious?

January 10, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Is your Photography TOO serious?

In the majority of cases we want our subjects to look their very best in their photographs. It may be extensive makeup, it make be wardrobe, it may be the light, or any of the many options in post processing.

While this concept is fairly true, in some cases it can put an exceptional amount of stress not only on your subject but also on the photographer and production team. Most clients will want to enjoy themselves just a little bit. In some cases, this will bring a client will remember a silly shot even more than the more formal images that you have made.  

In the shot above, the girls are just being silly after a more formal photo of their dresses. One must admit that at least some of the faces are really funny.  Of course, one needs to be careful not to be defamatory and publish an image that can tarnish the reputation of someone since even a model release will not protect you in most cases. 

The next time you are working with someone, suggest an shot that they may not necessarily want in their social media profile but could actually show the wild side of their personality!



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