Drama in the Profession- Is an Organization the Answer?

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EmotionEmotion Drama in the Profession; Is Organization the Answer?

Once one has been in the modeling and photography industry for a short time, one sees a great deal of drama in the Freelance market, not all of which is in images. The drama can range from accusations of abuse to people just not showing up on sets as well as many other issues.

As we look at the profession today, anyone can essentially purchase a entry level camera and either attend events or start hiring those who model. This in itself is not a bad thing, because we all need to start somewhere, but without some education there are those who do not even know how to adjust their own camera.  An individual can certain decide to become a model and attend a workshop or offer modeling services to for hire. Yet without training or education, this person may stand in front of a camera and like a statue waiting for even the most simple direction. Some areas require certification as a makeup artist, and yet some amateur artist may not even clean their brushes between clients.

While there are organizations such as the Professional Photographers of American (PPA) which offers training, workshops, and even insurance, there is certainly no requirement to join or participate in this program.  Model agencies offer benefits to new and experienced models, yet again there is no requirement to join a modeling agency.

Actors and Actresses have an organization such as the Screen Actors Guild, which offers some level of organization and benefits to those who perform in movies or on stage. There is an entry level to become a member (Background actor), and the organization offers quite a few benefits to its members and at least some regulation. Clearly far from perfect, it does offer some level of structure of rewards and as necessary, sanction to its members.

Many people fear and distrust government involvement to regulate, since at times it seems like politicians have difficulty regulating themselves. Even so, many professions are licensed by the state or federal governments that expect a certain level of behavior from those who are licensed. 

Inherently, many people dislike being told what to do, which is very obvious in this age of extreme self-entitlement. Structured organizations can however present many benefits such as group health care and representation which can be difficult to obtain on an individual basis. What such an organization would eventually look like depends upon those developing and supporting such a venture.   Something to think about!




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