The puzzle of Posts

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CuriousCurious The Puzzle of Posts (on social media)

Many photographers, models, and others within the industry struggle at times as what to post on social media. Questions such as is it good enough, appropriate, within brand, as well as many other questions flood through the artists brain. Why there are no clear answers, there are things that may influence whether a post is well received. 

Who are you?

No, not asking if you are good enough. If you are very good at networking, contribute to the community in some way, and produce regular content this factors will go a long way to getting likes or attention on social media. Yes, it helps if the work is outstanding, but a popular person will often get more attention on social media than an unknown person producing similar work.

What are you producing?

What type of art are you producing in what forums? Are you in the right forum for your style of work? If you are submitting to general groups, does your work look like everyone else? How can you put a twist on it so that it is just a little different? If you get quite a bit of attention with one type of post, it may be likely that is what your audience wants to see from you.

Who or what are you featuring?

If you are a photographer who shoots people- are the people that you are posting notable among the group to which you are posting.  Honestly, posting images of well known individuals will often get noticed more frequently than a similar image of an lesser known person.  Landscape images are often well received when the image is well recognized by your audience (not always by name, but subject for example a beach scene). 

How often do you post?

If you post on a regular basis, people may look forward to your next image.  Hundreds of posts may appear within a certain group each day or week, and it is easy to get lost in the mix.


Is is good enough?

A question that even seasoned professionals deal with on a regular basis. "Good enough" is really left up to your personal opinion and although there are countless people willing to give an opinion. In the end, if you have put best your best effort to select and produce an image, then yes it is good enough.



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