Troubleshooting Communication problems

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CuriousCurious Troubleshooting Communication Problems

Even with the best intent, breakdown in communication may occur between artists such as models and photographers. It is very easy to get frustrated, and even blast someone on social media but in the end this makes the working situation tense and explode causing reputation harm to one or perhaps everyone involved.  

Multiple accounts can lead to a dark road... 

One will often post on several social media platforms or even several accounts. This may be a model coming into town to let people know that she is available, or it could be a photographer making a casting call.  It is crucial that the same information be released on EACH account. Even to the extend of copying the original message and pasting it each additional account. One typo can lead to massive confusion.

Like phone number, one must check these accounts on a regular basis. Think about it like leaving a voice message asking someone to call you back, then never checking to see if they called back.

Once making contact with an individual, the basic who, what where, when, how questions are almost always a must. As important though, communicate through the same account. By communicating through two or more accounts it is likely that some information will get confusing or even lost.  If an absolute must (such as an account being lost), start out with recapping the information that was already discussed. For example, "Sorry Jim, this is Mary. My other account was shut down but here is what we left off with last time, is this right?"

If booking from multiple accounts, keep some sort of calendar/appointment book to keep everything in one place. Booking for a 1 pm session on one account and then a 1 pm session on a second account can obviously lead to problems. This also includes not only when but where an appointment may be held.  If appointments are in different parts of the city, it may be difficult if not impossible to stay on time.

Who are you? Some people will have different names on different platforms. Mary Marvelous may be Mary Magnificent on a second platform, especially of a certain name is already taken.  It is vitally important that clients, photographers, models, or anyone else know to whom they are communicating with to avoid problems.

Things change due a variety of circumstances. Be sure to UPDATE everything on every account that you have posted. If a client is working from old information, this can lead to massive confusion and bad relationships.

Within 48-72 hours, it is always good to re-confirm and repeat everything that was agreed to originally. This is especially important if an appointment was made months ago on another account.


Multiple accounts or platforms are fairly common, but can lead to radical confusion on all parts if a cohesive plan is not used with each appointment made.




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