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How do you use Lightroom Maps?

Without doubt, google maps and even the GPS systems that are within many vehicles have made navigation much easier than it was 20 years ago where people were parking on the shoulder of the road with paper maps.  But when it comes to planning, is that your only go to references? The Map module in Lightroom can be surprisingly helpful when it comes to planning. Of course, it has the added advantage of being able to directly add the location of an image you have taken if your camera has gps tracking enabled. 

Lets say that you have a place that you wish to visit or an event and you wanted to get a general idea of where it was located. This can be important especially if you are traveling to an unfamiliar area out of state. I happen to live in Southern Pennsylvania, and suppose that I became aware of an event in Pittsburg. If at my computer I could take advantage of the mapping module in Lightroom and zoom into the entire state of PA. Visually I can see that Pittsburg is really not anywhere close to my home town, and probably several hours by car to the event.  This approach may be helpful, especially if I am on an online conversation with someone else.

By moving in even closer, I can see what highways, stores, and even local roads may be along the course of a potential trip just by continuing to zoom closer and closer to an area of interest. There is no typing involved, no possibility that google voice (or other voice) will misunderstand what you may want, but just a quick and easy method to get a fairly specific idea of where you may be interested in attending. You even have (limited) search ability above the map.

On a more academic level, suppose you were reading an article that mentioned two European nations and you were not sure exactly where they were located in relation to each other.  Easy enough, Lightroom opens up as a world map so all one needs to do is zoom in on the part of the world that you are interested and you may have your answer in minutes. As least for now, Lightroom does not provide details for other countries that it provides for the continental United States.

Lightroom of course will not give you turn-turn directions to your destination, but certainly may be a time saver.  Of course it has the added advantage of helping you remember exactly where you were when you happen to make that incredible photo!




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