Investing tips for your future (may not be what you think)!

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SecretSecret Investing in your Future

When most people hear the term 'Investing for your future" the though almost immediately comes to mind is financial security. Without doubt, finances are important as prices soar at near record levels. To be able to live a life which is reasonably without daily struggle is a goal for almost everyone.

Many people in the modeling and photography industry need just a little more than money. Indeed money may be hard to obtain if solid building blocks are not in place. For many people, investing in your future means developing a community around you that you can relate to and who trusts you. In most cases, this community does not develop overnight and is often the result of consistent work habits over a prolonged period. Relating to peers in a ethical and professional manner can look a little different for different people, but the people around you can often sense and feel it.

One can have the most intense artistic ability that has come along in the last 50 years, but if the community as a whole does not trust that artist, success is almost certainly to be limited. Clearly, not everyone is an extrovert or has exceptional marketing ability but building relationships one on one can certainly be a stepping stone for a solid future. Once trust is established, professional can add to that trust, not too different from adding a few dollars in to a savings account with every payday. By building that trust within a community, others may seek you out as they find you relatable and providing services, products, and even friendships that can be difficult to find.

Rest assured though that breaking ones trust is like crumpling up a perfectly good piece of paper. You can smooth it out, but it will likely never be the same again.  People's memory relating to what you do right is sometimes short lived, but operating in a manner consistent only with your personal goals will often become scorched into someone's long term memory. The undeniable truth is that people will discuss things within a given community both the good and the bad. Details may be added, details may be left out. History has shown us that even major companies or celebrities who have lost their community makes it very difficult to continue and their investment and support, even if originally substantial, can vanish rather quickly.

While few know exactly what the future actually holds in terms of how secure we may be, seeking to understand where others may coming from in their lives and treating them like you would like to be treated, seems like a solid investment.


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