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SecretSecret Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a app that adobe has released fairly recently that has a ton of features. Most of these features are free, and even more features are available if you have the creative suite plan. Some nice features include:

  • Remove a photo background quickly with the need of additional software
  • Resizing and image
  • Converting an image into JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Creating a PDF
  • Basic video editing
  • A huge library of templates for projects
  • Ability to create a project such as a flyer from scratch with detailed edits
  • Layers (similar to photoshop)
  • Large library of Fonts


There are quite a few Adobe Express  tutorials on line, but sometime it can helpful to dive in and this what the app offers sometimes.  It seems to draw features from such programs such as photoshop for converting and resizing images as well as programs such as Indesign for graphic design.  It even seems to borrow at least some functions from Premiere for video editing. The result is a feature rich app that seems to meet much of the needs of the casual user who may not need to power of the full fledged name brand programs into a easy to navigate service. 

In addition to the above, Adobe express offers a social media scheduling function so that you 'may' be able to schedule your posts throughout the month. I have not tried this feature, and typically social media services such as Facebook and Instagram have developed systems to defeat prescheduled upload, so how this feature will work in the real world is yet to be seen. However, it will allow you to resize images specific to what each social media platform requires and will even allow you to enter your own dimensions if needed.

QR grids are fairly common these days for a variety of services, and yes, Adobe Express will allow you to develop your own QR code for whatever reason that you may need one.


Adobe express is certainly worth a look, even if you only use it on an infrequent basis.



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