Going according to Plan?

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Is Everything Going According to Plan?

Many times the photographer will be concentrating on the focus, composition, props, lighting, during a photoshoot. The model may be focusing on the perfect pose for the theme of the set.  Yet, does every shot need to be a masterpiece.

Photoshoots can be stressful in many ways for everyone involved. Location, time, weather, props, other supplies, team members, all of which and much more may have to come into play in order for the project to turn out correct. While a certain amount of detail is certainly important, one can get so wrapped up into the pieces that we can forget that we are working with people.

During major movie productions, it is not uncommon for one of the actors to ad lib, or make a mistake during the production. Sometimes this breaks out into laughter from the other cast members. This can be a good thing, and even mistakes can make it into the final production as actually better than the actual planned script.  Other time real emotion develops during a production such as someone crying real tears during a intense portion of the script.

When we hire someone in the industry, we are hiring more than just a pre-programmed robot that will behave exactly as expected and execute a perfect performance. Sometimes a little variability in what is planned can turn out to be a good thing. If someone wanders too far off the plan, then of course that person needs to be nudged back into the correct path. All members need to be respectful not only of the process, but of each other for the concept to work as expected. With that understood, a little variability can be a good thing and the final process can turn out even better than expected.

A masterful project can come from understanding who the team is, and what they are bringing to the table. This includes not only technical skills, but personality to a degree as well. If we allow a little bit of artistic freedom, we may be surprised to see the final product.


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