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Photopea There are many photo and graphics editing programs available both commercially and some actually free. They range from very simple to more complex and many online editors offer very limited access unless you pay a premium fee. I recently discovered an online app that offers a photoshop like interface which at least for now is free Photope...
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Blur Background in LR?

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Blur Background in Lightroom? Photographers typically want to get everything right in camera, but the reality is that sometimes conditions are not right, sometimes camera settings are not quite right, and sometimes during post production, a photographer may think, what if it looked like (insert idea) here. Blurring background can be done using a f...
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Theft I have been fortunate enough never to have anything stolen from me, despite the fact that I have attended some events in questionable venues. I watched a video of a photographer who had quite a bit of equipment with him have a lens stolen directly off of his camera while other people distracted him. It is very easy to have thousands of dolla...
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Lightroom Denoise

April 24, 2023  •  Leave a Comment
LightRoom Denoise Some of the updates that Adobe introduces work well, so not so much depending upon which photo you intend to use. As Adobe continues to keep a competitive edge, it has recently introduced a automatic denoise feature to Lightroom in addition to the manual denoise feature that has been present for many years. I decided to give it a...
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An Afterthought?

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An Afterthought...! Most photographers try to plan their concepts out in detail for quite a few reasons. It could be time, it could be financial, or it could be as simple as not wanting to look inept in front of a client. In any case, there always seems to be something that could be just a little bit better. In some cases, like this example, a pho...
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